Overkill Pest Management Raymond Terrace, provides a high-quality pest and termite control treatments and termite inspection services to the Raymond terrace area.

The Overkill Pest Management team offers only the highest standard of pest control and termite treatments that meet the Australian Standards to protect your home, family and business. We understand how distressing and disruptive an infestation can be. So we believe in applying a pest management solution focusing on pest prevention and not just eradication.

Overkill Pest Management Raymond Terrace services include Cockroach Control, Spider Control, Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments and other pest control services are available on request.

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Pest Control Services in Raymond Terrace

Overkill Pest Management are committed to using the latest techniques and technology and using all chemicals responsibly. We review the standard of work that we carry out with the aim to keep your family, pets or work place safe. So whether you are a home owner or Business operator Overkill Pest Management is the pest control firm in Raymond Terrace you need to use.

Overkill Pest Management provides services to many home owners or businesses and commercial kitchens across Raymond Terrace. If you are having problems with cockroaches or rats and mice that spread disease, spiders that can bite, termites that can cause structural damage to your building. Overkill can set up a regular maintenance program to suit your needs. We understand times can be tough and for this reason we can offer you a budget pest service in Raymond Terrace if requested.

Specialist Pest & Termite Control Services in Raymond Terrace

Every pest control firm seems to be a termite specialist, if everyone is a specialist what make them so special. Well at Overkill Pest Management we have specialist termite detection equipment like a termite detection dog, thermal camera and Termatrac machine to make us leaders in the Termite Inspection area. We have been specially trained for the use of many leading products to give you the best option to control termites and are always keeping up with changes in the industry.

Termite Inspections Raymond Terrace

Raymond Terrace area is a very high-risk termite area, we have a great amount of experience in termite protection and treatments, including having a termite detection dog which can be over 90% accurate at detecting termites. So, if your house has very limited access under the sub floor or is on a concrete slab you should meet our dog Darcy and get your inspection done right and to the Australian Standard. If you are looking to buy a house in the Raymond Terrace area, we can provide you with a thorough Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection, this is slightly different to a termite inspection and complies to a different Australian Standard. If termite are detected on one of our inspections we are able to provide you with a treatment proposal to suit your house.

Important: If you see Termites in your home, DON’T disturb them. Disturbing them will make it harder to treat them.

Termite Inspection Process

A termite inspection in Raymond Terrace needs to meet the Australian Standards. We are required to check all areas of the building including, the sub floor, roof void, interior and the surrounding gardens for termite activity and damage. We also look for any possible risk factors that may increase the risk of termite attacks in your home. These risk factors include things like water leaks, timber in the sub floor or against the building or even poor ventilation.

A Termite Inspection in Newcastle can take between 1hrs to 2hrs.

On completion you will receive a comprehensive report with photos outlining any problems that require your attention.

Termite Treatments in Raymond Terrace

Before any termite treatment in Raymond Terrace can begin, a full termite inspection must be carried out by a trained technician not the home owner. The inspection is essential, as there may be other areas in the building that are also infested with termites that have not been detected and could alter a treatment recommendation.

Termite Treatment Process

There are several options of termite treatments available for the Raymond Terrace area.

You can apply a dust or foam to areas where the termites are active with the aim of the termites passing the active ingredient through the colony. Alternatively we can apply a non toxic bait to the active termites which they will feed on and take back to the nest where they feed the rest of the colony. Termite baits have a mode of action called Insect Growth Regulator. Most termites we find in Newcastle moult and this is when the bait has a devastating effect on the termite. After the termites have been eliminated from the building a termite management plan should be implemented to reduce the risk of future attack and more damage.

Prevention and Eradication. A preventative treatment prevents termites entering the home by creating a barrier which kills them as they come into contact with it. This involves digging a trench around the perimeter of the house, the sub-floor, around walls and piers. The Chemicals are poured into the trench and the soil is placed back. Concrete slabs, paths and driveways are also drilled and the chemical is injected into each hole with an average house requiring around 450L of chemical to be used.

Termite Treatments are complex. So, it may take months to complete. The treatment needs to be done properly. Also, the guidance provided by the technician should be followed perfectly. Otherwise, the eradication is highly unlikely. Therefore, it is essential that treatments are not tampered with and are only carried out by experienced termite technicians. The cost for a termite chemical barrier averages approx. $1800 and it is designed to last between 3 to 5 years.

Termite Management Plan

A termite management plan aim is to reduce the risk of termite re-entering your home or building, there are 2 options you can take each having options within them.

1: Termite Chemical Treatment Zone

This option is usually the most cost-efficient long term as products can last from 5-10 years. In order to carry this out the building must be built in a way the we feel the treated zone will be effective way to reduce the risk of termite re-entry. This treatment involves putting large volumes of termiticide around the perimeter, sub-floor or even both, it is not uncommon that an average application can be in excess of 400 litres. A treated zone can be done with a repellent product (termite can detect the chemical in the soil and will avoid it) or a non-repellent product (termite cannot detect the chemical in the ground and will pass through the area treated and by doing so will die) non repellent products are highly used today.

2: Termite Monitoring Stations

A termite monitoring station system involves placing stations in the ground around the perimeter of the property at intervals of about 3 meters. Most stations have timbers in them but in recent years some stations have a bait installed in every station. Once termites are detected in the station on a regular routine visit the termites have to be baited (assuming the stations are not pre baited) to eliminate the colony.

Either way Overkill Pest Management Raymond Terrace can give you the best option for you house or building.